I made this dress to show the world how to enjoy the freedom.

A lot of people can’t feel freedom around them. I want to show everyone that you have to enjoy every kind of freedom. Also the little things in life. Everything what you think it is freedom, it is! If you take a look to this dress or product, you see freedom in a couple of views. The product shows your body, so you can breath and gives you strength to feel the freedom. For a person who likes to take a risk, who dares to show his or her freedom, and who wants to transfer that freedom to others.

My interpretation of freedom can be seen by the different materials what I used, like: paper, because you can make uncountable shapes with paper and you can use paper for al lot of different things, paper is natural and can be recycled so you can use it again and again. I also used glue, what is of course not recyclable, but it gives that shine and transparency what for me also feels like freedom. I made round shapes and a lot of open spaces in the dress so the air hits your body. The colours are light but present and give you that dreamy look what takes you to freedom.