Dysutopia was a project of  07/2 (Oh Seven/Two), the third year fashion/textile collective from MAFAD. Seven young fashion design and two textile students working on a common plan. Within DYS|UTOPIA, our collective collection, we want to take a glimpse on how the future could look like in some decades. Our hopes and worries concerning humanity today.

Our acting today has an impact on the future. That’s what we are sure about. We decided to create a collection using ecological and upcycled fabrics only. That means, we create new textiles from worn out clothes. We reuse discarded bedsheets from hotels. We produce our knitwear from yarn which is made of recycled fibres. All materials and techniques should correspond to the values of sustainability. Forecasting the far future we suppose that seasons will become obsolete due to the consequences of global warming. That is why layered clothing will be more efficient. The human body may be free from race, gender or age. Our clothes are meant to be worn by anyone. Worn as a uniform that unites people.

Through the story of our collection we would like to point out two fictive scenarios: utopia and dystopia. They are like heaven and hell that stand in complete contrast to each other. Utopia is a bright and peaceful place, the happy ending to our concerns. Whereas, dystopia is defined by darkness and destruction. We would like to take you on a trip from one side to the other. Meanwhile, we will cross the space that connects both sides, the in-between-zone or chaos zone, where colours and shapes slowly blend. Through the combination of fashion and textile design we will turn the showplace and the show itself into a unique illusionary realm of experience. Stay prepared!