#Protect Now

In cooperation with Fashionclash I made this cope.

This cope is made for now!

Since the uprising of social media some people don’t know anymore who they really are or who they want to be. I made this cope to protect us against the good and bad things in the world. The carrier of the cope has every motive one needs around him/her in this time. The silhouette and some of the materials are derived of the old cope, that was also used as a rain cape.

I reused the flowers and animals that I saw in my inspiration cope in a new way in this cope.

The white and green colours are based on the liturgical colours. Green stands for life, recovery, renewal, and peace, while white stands for cleaning and sanctification, peace and the body of Christ.

The decorations are from modern times, that’s why you can see them on both sides. In the past decorations were only visible on the back of the cope.

All the different motives have their own meaning. The meanings can also be used in modern times. You can see different flowers like poppy, rose, sunflower, anemone, bleu bellflower, buttercup, edelweiss, lathyrus and fuchsia.

The deer stands for the desire of true happiness and God. The motive of the bird stands for freedom.

The cope is protective, but also wants to be seen and inspire people!