Coloured Layered Dress

Food is for everyone and everything around us extremely important. But how does it arise? That is where I focused on. Particularly plants. The growth from plant to vegetables or herbs to eat brought me closer to the plant. Especially the development of the plant was very interesting to investigate.

In short, the plants grow through a natural phenomenon that takes place namely: photosynthesis. The plants that we mainly eat are vegetables. You can see the growth of the plants quickly in a short time. I looked closely at the growth of the vegetables and thought that this shows a pure natural beauty.

You see amazing colours and shapes created in the cells of the plants.

With these images you would not think that it is hidden in those vegetables. With these images I have developed my own print that shows the cells in their own way and where you can see the beauty of the growth. My idea here is that people will see the beauty of growth and accept food as it is and must be. Let it grow in their own way without extra tools for whatever. That is also better for us. This also improves our growth.

The patterns of the cells can be seen in different ways in the dress, also through the sequins that I have developed myself. These create a graceful sound, so you can not only only see it but also hear it. The dress shows the growth and beauty that appears in our vegetables.